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 Self-study, experiential practice and direct perception are the means for transforming knowledge into wisdom.

Iyengar Yoga students are self-motivated seekers who pursue excellence through self-effort and the immense guidance set forth by B.K.S Iyengar and family. 

Recognizing the value of life-long learning invites the student into a profound and transformative relationship with the vast subject of yoga. 


To further your exploration as a teacher engages the soul in service and deepens your commitment as a trustee of yogic wisdom.


Together, we cultivate a supportive environment for our study to take root and unfold.


Emerge inspired, confident and prepared to carry the teachings of yoga into your life!


The Wisdom Body

In this course you will :

  • Develop accuracy and knowledge of basic action in your asana practice

  • Hone your ability to see, listen and demonstrate effectively

  • Refine your relationship with self-practice and self-study

  • Cultivate stability and maturity in your yogic studies

  • Develop respect, immediacy and relevance for you and your students

  • Successfully prepare for the Iyengar Yoga certification process

  • Earn 90 hours of teacher education with qualified CIYT Educators





280 Broadway, New York City at Gibney Dance

Weekend Hours:

Friday 6-8 pm

Saturday 10-6 pm

Sunday 10-6 pm



January 5-7    

March 16-18  

May 4-6          

Aug 20-24  (5-day Intensive)

Sept 14-16    

Oct 12-14  


Full Program:

  • 5-Weekend Intensives

  • 5-day Intensive

  • Total $2600 (receive 15% savings if paid in full)

Individual Intensives: 

  • Weekend Intensive- $350

  • 5-day Intensive- $850


There is a $35 non-refundable application fee to process each application. 

To Apply for

The Wisdom Body Training 2018 

click the link below.

Payments & Fees

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